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Well Test Support

  • Day to day involvement of one of our Well Test Specialists.
  • Range of services covers:
– Exploration and Appraisal: design well test, monitor and optimize operations with real time data QC and analysis, while achieving subsurface objectives at minimum cost and minimum flared volume, post-operation interpretation and review with subsurface team.
– ACA interpretation and post frac analysis for fractured wells.
– Interpretation of pressure data for production and injection wells, monitoring performance, monitoring frac growth, understanding performance deviation and assessing well intervention.

Well Test Group

When joining our well test group, you can attend audioconference sessions on well test design and analysis, access more resources, ideas and information about well testing. The idea is to create a place where we can learn, share case studies, best practices and challenge each other.

Learning Centre

Once you join the Well Testing Group, you can access our library with presentations and lectures on pressure transient analysis.

Join the Well Testing Group

Place where members can learn, share case studies & best practices and challenge each other.
Receive information on well test design and analysis and join-in to audio teleconference sessions.

Get access to more resources, ideas and help with our library.

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Why using our services?

Global experience from Explo to Production

Extensive experience from exploration to production in all types of wells and reservoirs worldwide, in particular North Sea (UK and Norwegian sectors), GoM, Brasil, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Angola, Canada, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Indonesia, etc…

Expertise in deconvolution

We have expertise in deconvolution.

Deconvolution is a great asset for your team. It helps to improve the understanding of the pressure data, refine initial pressure and add reservoir insights. While deconvolution is not new, it is often misused in the industry.

We are also dedicated to coaching you with deconvolution.

Dedicated to you!

We care and are dedicated to you!

We can act as your team well test expert, provide a 2nd review or simply reduce your expert’s workload.

We can review data from your shut-in or active wells with or without downhole gauges.

Maximum value

With costly and rare shut-in pressure data, don’t compromise on its interpretation.

We guarantee to provide more value out of your data. Let’s try a quick review of your existing design or interpretation and we’ll send you our comments.

Get a 2nd opinion

You already have a design or interpretation study but are not entirely satisfied or simply want to check if more value can be obtained at minimum cost?

Get a second review from us.

Our clients

We support geologists, petrophysicists and engineers from national companies, independents, majors and more “generalist” service companies.